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6 months ‘PREMIUM’

6 months ‘PREMIUM’

Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker® 2014.




No. of records on™ you can download directly into your tree.


1 Billion

1 Billion

Research and preserve your family story on your computer.
Create charts and reports to share with family and friends.
View and share your tree from different perspectives; location, migration path, family name and more.
Receive hints linking you to matching records on™.
Add photos, documents, audio and video into your tree.
View timelines and interactive maps highlighting events and places in your ancestors’ lives.
Write Smart Stories™ that automatically update when facts in your tree change.
Features improved content generation and editing options.
Synchronise desktop and online™ family trees with the Treesync™ feature.
Family View makes navigating easier, especially when you want to see extended family members.